21 Mar 2021

Drunter & Drüber – Premiere – @Schauburg Munich

Drunter & Drüber – Premiere – @Schauburg Munich

I´m very happy to be back in the Schauburg Munich for this new production.

I will create the music and the soundscape for this piece and I´m super happy to have my friend Simone Oswald as director.


Up and down, in and out, upside down and upside up, here and away, you and me. Where are the things I don’t see? What fits into something? What goes only over, what only under? When does it go upside down and upside up? And what does that have to do with me? Playfully, two performers explore themselves and the world with their secrets, delights, and surprises. An aesthetic experience for everyone.

Actress Simone Oswald is one of the pioneers in theater for the very youngest. Her experience in developing productions and playing for children in the pre-narrative phase will be passed on and deepened with this directorial debut. In close contact with Munich’s crib children, the ensemble will develop this world premiere.”

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