World Beat & Brass


Dubbed International World Beat, the sounds of VOLXTANZ blend and juxtapose diverse elements from such traditions as Balkan brass music, Jazz, and Afrobeat to present an exciting and unique concert experience. Whether in an accoustic street band set-up or with a full compliment of electronic beats, VOLXTANZ delivers a dynamic and florid canvas of sound that is guaranteed to get that mind thinkin’ and that bacon shakin’. The band, based in Stuttgart, Germany, currently consists of members from Germany, Italy, and the United States and has been playing concerts all over Germany and Europe since 2007. In 2013 they were one of two winners and recipients of the audience prize at the „creole“-Musikwettbewerbs Südwest, a regional World Music competition.
  • Band: World Beat & Brass
  • My role: Percussionist
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Volxtanz on Tour 2015