object theatre

A playful play

A tunnel moves across the floor, three players crawl inside and back out, discovering the surroundings, the tunnels and themselves. Companie M invites you to an exciting journey into numerous worlds and sonorous atmospheres. Hands become feet, two bodies become one, a simple tunnel transforms within few seconds into a caterpillar, an elephant’s trunk, a majestic robe, a giant fish’s mouth or a vacuum-sucking creature. Everything is in motion. Accompanied by percussion, sounds and melodies, the players slip into the tunnels with relish and playfulness, use them as a place of retreat or hiding place and are sometimes completely absorbed and surprised by the liveliness and diversity of the tunnels. The interplay of dance, theatre and music creates a performance rich in fantasy, poetry, curiosity and daring.
  • Production: Companie M
  • Creation and Idea:: Companie M
  • Director: Nina Weber
  • My role: Composer, Musician, Performer
  • Performers: Giuseppina Tragni, Miriam Lemdjadi
  • Photos by : Lys Y. Seng
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