R u extrem right?

La Trottier dance collective

looking for the truth

Politics is more than systems and parties. Politics is a way of being, a way of thinking and a way of living. Dance is politics. ARE YOU EXTREME RIGHT? is the third part of the “Humankind” trilogy. The focus are the people and their co-habitation in a globalised society. Fitting in and making complicated developmental steps are part of living in this society. With five dancers and three musicians, Eric Trottier is looking for the truth – with the artistic expression of the artists rather than set choreography. Powerful movements become statements, the choreography delivers strong messages. No comfortable answers are given and the audience is forced to think. The answer for a path to the truth is left in your hands. It’s all about trial and error: let it happen!
  • Production: La_Trottier Dance Collective
  • My role: Musician
  • Director: Eric Trottier
  • Costumes by: Melanie Rister
  • Photos by: Daniel Blattman
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