Winner of Faust 2014

The magic of discovery

Two human beings interact in the same world. One explores with her body, she explores and speaks with her feet, legs, hips, back, arms, hands and legs. The other explores and listens to all sounds: he knocks, rattles, rumbles, drums and beats. How can these two beings understand each other? The fach that movement creates sound and that percussion is movement, is slowly discovered and experienced by the two. Without spoken word yet full of communication, the two tell a story about the magic of discovery and mutual experience.
Dance and music are two universal languages which don’t know any boundaries. Movement and sound are directly experienced and are therefore wonderful for a young audience whose language acquisition is still in full development.
  • Production: Nationaltheater Mannheim
  • My role: Actor, Musician, Composer
  • Director: Andrea Gronemayer
  • Choreography/dancer: Julie Pecard
  • Photos: Christian Kleiner
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